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Our Impact

Two to three million people watch Amba Farmers’ Voice in Cameroon every week, besides many others in Nigeria, Ghana, Sierra Leone and even in some Francophone countries, like Togo, Benin and Gabon. 

Leveraging the experience from the program, AFV has been invited by Winrock International through it’s Farmer-to-Farmer program to train fish farmers in the north of Ghana on making organic fertilizer with pond residue. 

Furthermore, Amba Farmers Voice in collaboration with Winrock International is training our refugees in Ikom to become professional bee keepers. Amba Farmers Voice is also partnering with UniFarms to train our women refugees in Ogoja to become professional pig farmers.



To promote agricultural education and extension services via TV and Video to Southern Cameroonian Farmers, Refugees, Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) and African farmers in general to have access to practical & quality agricultural education to increase food production in the Pidgin language. 

AFV mission is to ensure that every Southern Cameroonian Farmer, Refugees, Internally Displaced Person (IDPs) & African Farmers in general have access to practical & quality agricultural education to increase food production


It is our vision to reframe agricultural education by shifting the subsistence agricultural paradigm to a process that integrates Indigenous Technical Knowledge, cost effective & practical innovative solutions to inspire personalized learning & community-based farming.

Sustainable Development Goals

AFV is committed to UN SDG #4, which “ensures inclusive & equitable quality education & to promote lifelong learning opportunities for all”.

Our Core Values

  • Explore and valorize Ambazonian and African Indigenous Technical Knowledge
  • Promote environmental protection and cultural systems
  • Reliance on practical research to improve agricultural productivity and rural livelihood
  • Reliance on partnerships & exchange of knowledge
  • Ethical, passion and gender inclusion


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