On May 17, 2021, Soldiers from La Republique du Cameroun were filmed burning down houses in Tadu village, Bui County. Villagers were seen hiding on hills watching their houses and village being burnt. Data collected so far indicates that 184 and 246 villages have been burnt in the Southern & Northern Zones respectively by LRC soldiers since the beginning of this struggle. In this process, many families have lost birth, GCE, degree Certificates, land titles, family pictures, cultural artifacts etc etc. How can Southern Cameroonians protect their property from the soldiers of LRC? 

This week on Amba Farmers Voice, we shall learn how Southern Cameroonians can save their documents – ID cards, certificates, land titles etc etc including: 

How to preserve food from LRC Ekelebes burning their homes and villages 

How to disinfect dirty water for those who run into the bushes, especially with little children 

How to build huts for those whose home have been burnt by LRC

How to preserve cooked food during this period