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Pig Farmers in Ambazonian and those interested in rearing pigs face enormous challenges. Not only are pig farmers burdened by the expensive nature of feed involved in maintaining a successful pig farm, they are also confronted by diseases such as the African Swine Fever and a host of others. What is the cause of African Swine Fever? How can pig farmers prevent African Swine Fever and other diseases? What kinds of traditional leaves can be used to treat African Swine Fever and a host of other diseases?

This week on Amba Farmers Voice, we shall be talking about how to Start and Become a Successful Pig Farmer using simple materials and herbs such as the African/Mexican Marigold that grows in the villages. These leaves are common leaves that are available in all villages in Ambazonia, or can be planted even in towns.

With the war that LRC has declared on us, many people are not working. People don’t have money to spend to buy expensive antibiotics for pigs. So, Amba Farmers Voice is out to ensure that pig farmers get the knowledge they need to raise the pigs without them dying of preventable diseases. With leaves that can be found in all villages and towns, pig farmers don’t have to spend much money buying antibiotics. They will produce theirs wherever they are. This technique will be very useful to our people in Ghana & G1 who are struggling to survive as refugees.

This is the new Ambazonia we are fighting for; an Ambazonia that ensures, it’s farmers have all the knowledge to be successful in their farming activities. That is why we have to leave LRC, because Ambazonian Farmers will be able to take care of themselves better than the slavery under LRC. To learn how to start and take care of your pig farm, tune into Amba Farmers Voice on SCBC TV on Sunday October 4, 2020, at 4pm Amba Time. Please share this information with others to watch this important program.

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