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Avocado (Pear) season engenders enormous losses to Ambazonian Farmers when the market is saturated because of too many pears and few buyers. Most of the pear taken to the market either rot or are sold at give away prices.

Pear oil can be used as lotion or rubbing oil that sooths the body or for women’s hair . This oil is very good for our people who are in the bushes because of the war declared on us by LRC. The peelings of the pear can be used as animal feed for chicken, pigs, goats and sheep. The pear seed powder can be used for tea or traditional medicine.

This technique of transforming pear into oil, animal feed and traditional medicine is very good for our people in villages that grow pears and don’t know what to do with them. Chicken, goat, sheep and pig farmers can use these peelings and seeds to make their own feed and reduce the cost of buying imported feed.

This is the new Ambazonia we are fighting for. An Ambazonia that ensures that all its citizens have the knowledge to transform the products they grow to add more value to them. We do not want an Ambazonia where our people live as beggars. That is why we have to fight hard to leave LRC, because Ambazonians will be able to take care of themselves better than live with LRC as slaves. To learn how to make your own pear oil, animal feed and traditional medicines from pear seeds, tune in to SCBC TV on Sunday October 18, 2020, at 4pm Amba Time. Please share this information to others to watch this important program

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