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Passion Fruit or (Adam Fruit) as is popularly called in Ambazonia, is a hard, colorful rind and juicy, seed-filled fruit that grows in almost every village. We all grew up eating passion fruit, but never knew that it is a crop that is easy to grow, and can fetch lots of money with minimal investments.

This week on Amba Farmers Voice, we shall be talking about how to propagate and grow Passion Fruit. The tender young leaves are also eaten as a vegetable similar to spinach. The seed produces oil that can be used for home and industrial purposes. There is a good market for it, especially during the dry season.

With the war that LRC has declared on us, many people are not working. People don’t have money to spend. So, Amba Farmers Voice is out to ensure that people can grow different crops which they can eat or sell to make money.

With simple techniques, every farmer in Ambazonia can propagate and grow their own passion fruit. It can also be intercropped with other crops.

Growing passion fruit can be a very lucrative activity, especially for our people in G1 & Ghana who are involved in small scale farming. Amba Farmers Voice wants to ensure that anything that they plant should produce a good harvest. .

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