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Atanga Nji of LRC has banned cutlasses in Ambazonia so that people will not be able to clear their farms. The purpose of this LRC order is to ensure that we die of hunger. But, as Ambazonians, we are an intelligent and hardworking people. We will use our brains to fight them too, in growing food without using cutllasses to clear farms. So, this week, we shall be talking about how to grow food without the use of cutlasses.
Ambazonians use cutlasses not only to clear grass around our compounds, but to clear farms. If they ban us from buying cutlasses, it means, they are looking for a way not only to starve our people to death, but to live in filth like them. This is another strategy of the war declared on us by LRC.
With simple techniques like vertical & sack mounds, every farmer in Ambazonia can grow enough food to feed their families and sell some. This technique will be very useful for our people in G1 & Ghana who are involved in small farming.
This is the new Ambazonia we are fighting for; one which ensures that it’s farmers have all the knowledge to be successful farmers in spite of any challenges set upon us by LRC. That is why we have to leave LRC, because Ambazonian Farmers will be able to take care of themselves better than the slavery that we are suffering under LRC.

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