This week on Amba Farmers Voice, we are bringing you a very special program on our Refugee Senior Citizens in Nigeria. Senior Citizens are a group of people that have been forgotten in this war. Because they are old and cannot fend for themselves, they have now become the most vulnerable.

In this special program shall be talking about how we as a people can assist them start a sustainable garden to enable them grow their own food. Gardening can be a good activity for our Senior Citizens to keep them active. Other Refugees in G1, Ghana, IDPs and people in GZ will also benefit from this special program.

One important goal of this special program is to demonstrate that even though they are senior citizens, they can still be useful to society. Senior Citizens must not be condemned because they are old. They can contribute to society by making a successful garden.

Amba Farmers Voice in collaboration with National Telegraph, DAC, and Mawuh Global Solutions are coming together to do a special Amba Farmers Voice program to raise funds not only take care of them, but to teach them how to make a garden that will enable them to grow their own food. We are inviting all Ambazonians to watch and learn from this special program, and most importantly raise funds to assist our seniors