How to Prepare Cassava Stems for Planting to Grow Healthy Cassava

With the farming season fast approaching, Southern Cameroonian and African Farmers need to start preparing to grow enough cassava for next year.  This week on Amba Farmers Voice, we shall be talking about how our IDPs, mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters in G1, Ghana and GZ and farmers in Africa can grow and harvest lots of Cassava, by paying special attention to planting time; using healthy planting materials; disinfecting cassava stems using natural leaves found in our villages.

 Cassava is a staple food item in Southern Cameroons and across Africa that is used in making Garri, Water Fufu, Nkumkum, Bread etc etc. In order to obtain good yields, cassava farmers must prepare the stems with care following good agronomic processes. Southern Cameroonian cassava farmers face challenges with diseases such as mealybugs etc. Chemical pesticides are expensive and harmful to health and the environment. To reduce the chances of diseases destroying cassava, farmers can follow simple and practical tips to reduce the chance of mealybugs arriving in their cassava field.