In spite of all their hard work, farmers in Southern Cameroons always have poor harvests. The main problem is infertile soils. They have now resorted to using chemical fertilizers, which are not only expensive but cause many illnesses such as cancers etc. Is there a solution to this problem? How can farmers increase their food production without spending so much money and destroying their soils?

This week on Amba Farmers Voice, we shall be talking about how farmers can make their own organic fertilizers. Organic fertilizers help improve the soil, and make food grow better. Eating organic food reduces illnesses and cuts down on the purchase of chemical fertilizers.. Making organic fertilizer is an easy process that does not require any money, nor does it take much of the farmer’s time.

With many people out of work as a result of the war declared on us by LRC, learning how to make your own organic fertilizer will not only help you from spending money you don’t have, but will enable you increase your harvests, and make more money by selling the extra food that you would harvest by using organic fertilizer.