Despite the fact that Onions grows well in Nso, Awing, Guzang, Sabga, Bali, Mbam, Kevu, Babanki, Ndop, Ndu, etc, our farmers have never taken this activity seriously, thus, continue to import onion from the North of LRC. Almost every meal is prepared with onion, meaning that people spend a lot of money on imported onion from LRC. Why is that? This is money that could be going to our own farmers. 

This week on Amba Farmers Voice, we shall be talking on how to grow and become a successful onion farmer. What kinds of soil does Onion perform well in? How long does it take to mature? What kinds of diseases affect onions? How do you manage these diseases?  

Growing Onions can be a very lucrative activity. There is a good market for it. People can grow it for their own consumption so they don’t have to spend money importing onions from LRC.