Hydroponics – Learn How to Grow Dry Season Vegetables Without Soil

With the dry season around the corner, many streams will dry up, and people will not be able to grow fresh vegetables. Animal owners may not have enough fresh grass to feed their animals. What is the solution?- Hydroponics. But, what is Hydroponics? How can one grow food without soil? This week on Amba Farmers […]

How to Rear Cane Rats/Grass Cutter (Ngrong Beef)

Cane Rats/Grass Cutter or (Ngrong Beef) as is popularly called in pidgin is a tasty and popular meat that sells at very good prices. Grass cutters live in the wild and of late, have been heavily hunted almost to extinction in most parts of Southern Cameroons. Researchers have developed successful methods for rearing Cane Rats. […]

Refugee Senior Citizens Sustainable Gardening Program

This week on Amba Farmers Voice, we are bringing you a very special program on our Refugee Senior Citizens in Nigeria. Senior Citizens are a group of people that have been forgotten in this war. Because they are old and cannot fend for themselves, they have now become the most vulnerable. In this special program […]

How to Grow & Become a Successful Paw Paw Farmer

Papaya or (Pawpaw) as is popularly called in Southern Cameroons, is a hard, colorful red and juicy, seed-filled fruit that grows in almost every village. We all grew up eating pawpaw fruit, but never knew that it is a crop that is easy to grow, and can fetch lots of money with minimal investments. This […]

Do You Know The Right Way To Harvest & Store Corn

As the harvest season draws to an end, what is the proper way to store your maize? Before storing your corn, do you know the right way to harvest corn to ensure that pests are not brought home? With the introduction of improved maize varieties, which varieties should you harvest first? Which varieties are more […]

Learn How to Make your own Black Gold – Organic Fertilizer

In spite of all their hard work, farmers in Southern Cameroons always have poor harvests. The main problem is infertile soils. They have now resorted to using chemical fertilizers, which are not only expensive but cause many illnesses such as cancers etc. Is there a solution to this problem? How can farmers increase their food […]

Tomato Farmers: How to Prevent Diseases in Dry Season Tomatoes

With the dry season coming, many of our refugees in G1 plan to start dry season tomato farms. Growing tomatoes especially for less experienced farmers, is fraught with challenges, including either lack of water or diseases that affect tomatoes. This week on Amba Farmers Voice, we shall be talking about how to control diseases such […]

Hunger on GZ: Lessons on How to Preserve & Transform Fresh Food

Fresh food is rotting in Bali, Bambui, Kom, Mankon, Nkwen, Batibo, Mbengwi, Widikum etc because of the ban of Okadas and vehicles by LRC. Farmers are unable to transport their fresh foods to markets for sale. LRC’s goal is to create hunger so that Southern Cameroonians can turn against the struggle. Similarly, mothers who sell […]

How to Grow & Become a Successful Onion Farmer

Despite the fact that Onions grows well in Nso, Awing, Guzang, Sabga, Bali, Mbam, Kevu, Babanki, Ndop, Ndu, etc, our farmers have never taken this activity seriously, thus, continue to import onion from the North of LRC. Almost every meal is prepared with onion, meaning that people spend a lot of money on imported onion […]