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Amba Farmers Voice

Amba Farmers Voice (AFV) is a FREE Agriculture Educational program produced in collaboration with Southern Cameroons Broadcasting Corporation (SCBC TV) and broadcast via satellite across West Africa to assist Southern Cameroonian Farmers & Refugees who are victims of the war declared upon them by the government of La Republique du Cameroun with skills & appropriate technology to increase food production during this time of war. Southern Cameroons is endowed with fertile agricultural land and hard workers, but most farmers still practice subsistence agriculture, due to lack of information, capital and extension services. AFV hopes to change that by providing practical education and appropriate techniques to Farmers and Refugees to improve food production..
Our Mission

To promote agricultural education and extension services via TV and Video to Southern Cameroonian Farmers, Refugees, Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) and


It is our vision to reframe agricultural education by shifting the subsistence agricultural paradigm to a process that integrates Indigenous Technical

Buyam Sellam App
The Buyam Sellam App is an Android app that brings registered farmers and buyers together to buy and sell their farm produce. Via this app, farmers can upload pictures of their produce,
prices and quantity. Buyers can then negotiate prices, and in some cases dispatch taxis or bikes to pick up the produce and deliver to the buyers in the cities. Payment can be effected through various mobile money platforms as agreed by the buyers and sellers. Download the app from the google play store here

Virtual Learning

Amba Farmers Voice Virtual Learning Video Library

Browse through hundreds farming techniques on videos and presentations
  • Watch for free, at no cost we serve
  • It is a long established fact that Africa a blessed with fertile land
  • Start making good use of your piece of land
  • We empower Refugees, IDPs and Farmers with practical agricultural education to lift themselves out of poverty by using simple, appropriate, and affordable technologies
  • Southern Cameroonian & African rural Farmers have always remained poor. We are working to change that through extension & practical education.
  • We are working to alleviate hunger by educating people to help themselves.
  • Through Farmer-to-Farmer education, we empower farmers via modern communication technologies such as TV, videos, and Apps to embrace agricultural innovation
  • Knowledge is power
  • Knowledge is wealth

Our Global Recognitions

We appreciate our global recognition because the work we do with farmers is important, we are glad others do as well.

Amba Farmers Voice is a US-registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.


Empowering farmers to end poverty


With the farming season around the corner, Southern Cameroonian Farmers need to start preparing to grow enough food for next year. This week on Amba Farmers Voice, we shall be talking about how our IDPs, mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters in G1, Ghana and GZ can say goodbye to chemical fertilizer by making their own […]


How to Preserve Food & Documents During War – Part 1


Cassava farmers in Ambazonia face problems with mealybugs that attack their plants. Chemical pesticides are expensive and harmful to health and the environment. Mealybugs can be managed with practical tips to reduce the chance of them arriving in your cassava farm. To reduce the chances of your cassava being attacked by mealybugs, special attention must […]


Ambazonia Tomato Farmers face challenges with pests such as nematodes, aphids, whiteflies, thrips, blight etc. Chemical pesticides are not only expensive, but can cause diseases and illnesses. There are a number of control measures that farmers can use to make their own organic pesticides that are harmless to the environment and humans. In this program, […]


Avocado (Pear) season engenders enormous losses to Ambazonian Farmers when the market is saturated because of too many pears and few buyers. Most of the pear taken to the market either rot or are sold at give away prices. Pear oil can be used as lotion or rubbing oil that sooths the body or for […]


Fall Army Worm (tumbu for corn) is an invasive pest, a voracious eater of corn along with other plants. Ambazonia farmers are frustrated because chemical insecticides don’t work.


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